An Android TV box is a small, low-cost media center box that connects to a TV and plays movies, TV shows and apps such as games.

Android TV boxes are popular items these days and allow a wide range of uses, from surfing the web to streaming video straight to your HDTV.

Android boxes were Introduced a few years ago, and now there are many options available.

These small boxes can turn almost any TV into a smart TV with a wide range of features. Most people use them to stream movies or TV shows from their favorite streaming sites, such as Netflix, Disney, YouTube, or Hulu.

Videos can also be stored locally, such as an extensive video library, and played on-demand.

How Does an Android TV Box Work?

A box is connected to a TV and set up to the internet via wired Ethernet or WiFi connection.

After a box is connected to a TV and the internet, apps can be installed.

For example, a YouTube app can be installed to stream YouTube videos.

Android is an Operating System, like Windows or iOS, that was created by Google mainly for mobile phones. It runs on ARM-based processors, which makes it portable to any device that runs the same hardware.

Since the Android Operating System is open source and free, it is much cheaper to manufacture hardware based on it and sold.

The Android Operating System keeps the cost down, making Android TV boxes good low-cost media centers.

While Android is mainly used on smartphones, it can also be installed on small boxes that run the same hardware but give better input and output options.